Thames Community Foundation <body> <p>Thames Community Foundation is a registered charity, which operates in the London boroughs of Kingston, Richmond and Hounslow. It is supported by the Bridge House Estates Trust Fund, National Physical Laboratories-Serco PLC, the Hilden Trust and by various trusts, companies and individual supporters in the area. </p> <p>Thames Community Foundation aims to raise money from local sources to meet local charitable needs. It wants to reflect the needs and priorities of people living in its area of operation, and in particular small neighbourhood organisations. No charitable work can exist in isolation and the Foundation hopes to act as a catalyst towards an active partnership between local people and the business community. </p> <p>This site uses frames, you can use our site map to navigate your way around the site without frames.</p> <a href="sitemap.htm" title="Link to site map. Navigate the site without frames.">Goto sitemap</a> </body>